Fair Play Book Jacket Steven and Cayley
Fair Play:
What Your Child Can Teach You
About Economics, Values, and the
Meaning of Life
Steven E. Landsburg
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published by Free Press
ISBN: 0684827557

"Should be required reading for every high school senior, politician and newspaper editor.... The quality of your own thinking, and your ability to detect faulty logic, will be honed by Landsburg's entertaining discourse."

-- The Washington Post Book World

"Another collection of brash, intelligent essays on economics by the author of The Armchair Economist (1993).... Often funny and at times poetic, these essays are eminently readable and always smart."

-- Kirkus Reviews

From the Book Jacket:

With his witty and instructive book The Armchair Economist, Steven Landsburg won popularity and acclaim by using economics to illuminate the mysteries of daily life, and using daily life to illuminate the mysteries of economics.

Now Landsburg returns to address fundamental issues like fairness, tolerance, morality and justice---issues that are as important on the playground as they are in the marketplace. With the help of his daughter Cayley, he contrasts the wisdom of parents with the wisdom of economists---not always to the credit of the latter.

How should we feel about taxes that redistribute income? Ask how parents feel about children who forcibly "redistribute" other children's toys. How should we respond to those who complain that their neighbors are too wealthy? Ask how parents respond when children complain that their siblings got too much cake. By insisting that fairness can't mean one thing for children and another for adults, Landsburg shows that the instincts of the parent have profound consequences for economic justice.

Along the way, Landsburg---with his customary sharp wit and challenging logic---pauses to reflect on an astonishing variety of issues in economic theory, the philosophy of parenting, the true nature of family values, and how to get the most out of life. He uses parent-child interactions to explain the economics of free trade and immigration, progressive taxation, minimum wages, racial discrimination, and the role of money. He makes the best possible philosophical cases for and against progressive taxation, and weighs them against the wisdom of the playground. He explains how parents divide their estates among their children, and draws deep lessons about what parents really value. He explains why children are a good thing, and how economic theory tells us we ought to have more of them. He meditates on the role of authority in our lives, the effects of cultural bias, the state of elementary education, why it's important to read poetry to your children, and how to get the most out of life.

Fair Play instructs, uplifts, and entertains while reminding us that parents and children have a lot to teach one another.

Steven E. Landsburg writes the popular "Everyday Economics" column in Slate magazine. He has also written a series of columns for Forbes magazine and two economics textbooks. He is a professor of economics at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York.

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