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The Big Questions

The Big Questions
More Sex is Safer Sex, and Other Surprises
Fair Play
The Armchair Economist
Price Theory and Applications
A Mathematical Introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology
Magazine Articles. For many years I wrote a monthly column for Slate magazine; you can type my name in the search box at the bottom of the table of contents page if you want links to my past articles. In the past, I've written regularly for Forbes, and occasionally for The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Video. Click here for video of my talk in Puebla, Mexico on the assigned topic ``What Dominates Us?''. Click here for Part 2 of the video. Or, for higher quality video of the same talk, go here.

Journal Articles. My journal articles appear in math, economics and philosophy journals. Most of them are not online. Here are a few that are, on the subjects of algebraic K-theory, module patching, module patching again, categories of complexes, moral philosophy, philosophy of science (economist's version), philosophy of science (philosopher's version), quantum game theory, more quantum game theory and intertwining. And here is some joint work with Gordon Dahl on... yet again...quantum game theory.

Some Unpublished Notes.
Is Income Always Good?
On Ricardian Equivalence
Selection in Insurance Markets
Notes on Diversity
Optimal Population
Stirling Numbers and Polylogarithms
And here are some old notes on algebraic cycles, summarizing some ideas of Spencer Bloch.

A Remembrance of Andre Weil.

Crossword Puzzles. In case you like British style cryptic crosswords, here's one I recently created. You can either do it on line or print it out.

The Real World. I served for several years on the board of directors of Hutchinson Technology. We make the suspension assembly that holds in place the read-write head on your hard drive.

Favorite Poems. I am the single most important figure in the world of modern poetry, because I am the only living human being who reads poetry but does not write it. I am the audience. All of my favorite poems are here.